Why TelCel?

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The total investment to secure a Telcel license is only $25,000 - $12,500

A License normally costs $25,000.
However, we are so confident in the success of our Licensees, that we are willing to finance half of the license fee with an unsecured note. This makes the out of pocket initial investment for a license to be only $12,500.


In addition to the low investment to obtain a license, there are:

  • No Ongoing Royalties to Pay
  • No Inventory to Carry
  • No Storefront or Office to Lease or Buy

The Telcel License Opportunity is extremely low cost as compared to virtually any standard franchises on the market today. To compliment the low investment cost, the opportunity to make significant revenues with your license is outstanding.

Earning Potential

Telcel offers a lucrative commission structure for Licensees. As an example, let's assume you sign up cell phone customers with a total of 1,000 cell phones and that they save an average of $25 per month on their cell phones.
Your commission would be $5,468 per month.

In addition, let's assume you were able to sign up customers with telecom expenses that total $150,000 per month, and we were able to save them about 25% on their monthly bill. Your commission would be $8,203.13 per month.

Totaling the commission would be as follows:

Monthly Commissions
Cell Phones $5,468.75
Telecom $8,203.13
Total $13,671.88
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No, Telcel will do all the auditing, billing and collecting for your business.
No. However, we will teach you what you need to know some basic telecom vocabulary and concepts. The most important thing for you to know is that you can help businesses and organizations save money on their cell phone and telecom expenses.
There is no Telcel royalty. You share in the savings created for your customers and you get to keep your entire revenues.
The total cost of a Telcel License is $25,000. However, we are so confident in our ability to help you establish a successful Telcel business that we are willing to help finance your business.
No, you can work the business part-time with the potential to make full-time income. Making over $100,000.00 a year while working this business on a part-time basis was already accomplished by our very first Licensee!
Yes! We typically help customers save between 20% and 40% on their cell phone bills, and help reduce their other telecom expenses by 13% to 46%.
Just fill out this form and will get contact you with more information. You can also directly speak to one of our License experts at 801-901-3771. You can be up and running your new business in as little as two weeks!

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