Cell Phone Optimization

TELCEL SOLUTIONS utilizes proprietary software to optimize your cell phone usage to your carrier’s best national plans.  You do not need to change carriers.  Optimizing your cell phones can reduce your monthly cell phone bill significantly.

  • Savings that are often between 20% to 41% of monthly cell phone billing

By Incorporating the cel-op services offered by TELCEL SOLUTIONS, your company can save anywhere from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars a month.  TELCEL’s audit team has extensive experience and utilizes proprietary computer-based optimization tools.  TELCEL clients include manufacturing facilities, call centers, restaurants, municipalities, network marketing companies, agricultural organizations, law firms, construction companies, service organizations and other commercial and industrial businesses. 

Performance-Based Pricing Structure: TELCEL does not charge upfront fees or retainers for our services.  Our compensation comes by sharing in savings your organization realizes through the efforts of our audits and recommendations.

Time-saving Audit Process – Example:

We developed a simple process that saves you time and money.  Let’s take a look at the Cell Phone Optimization steps:

  1.   You give TELCEL your cell phone bills for the latest month
  2.   TELCEL performs the audit and runs your usage through our cell phone optimization software.  TELCEL then provides written cost-savings estimates and recommendations
  3.   You give TELCEL the “OK” to implement the cost savings recommendations
  4.   TELCEL then implements the changes and performs continuing audits and optimization on your cell phone bills and usage on a monthly basis

Cel-Op P2