Cell Phone Optimization

TELCEL SOLUTIONS utilizes proprietary software to optimize your cell phone usage to your carrier’s best national plans.  You do not need to change carriers.  Optimizing your cell phones can reduce your monthly cell phone bill significantly.

  • Savings that are often between 20% to 41% of monthly cell phone billing



Comprehensive Telecom Audit Services

TELCEL SOLUTIONS specializes in finding savings for your company by thoroughly auditing and evaluating your telecommunications expenses – including long distance, VOIP, local dial tone service and internet.  We find billing errors, help to improve your telecom efficiencies and optimize your existing telecom usage.  Some benefits of our services include:

  • Savings that are often between 13% to 46% of monthly telecom expenses
  • Recommendations that do not require changing your telecom providers
  • An audit process that takes very little of your time (save time and money)
  • An audit service that is safe and secure



Telecom RFP Services

TELCEL SOLUTIONS can help Create, Implement and Manager Your World-Class Telecom RFP Process

In order to secure top quality telecom services at a world-class price, it is imperative to structure a Request For Proposal (RFP) process that is both highly efficient and highly effective.