Telecom RFP Services

TELCEL SOLUTIONS can help Create, Implement and Manage Your World-Class Telecom RFP Process


In order to secure top quality telecom services at a world-class price, it is imperative to structure a RFP (Request For Proposal) process that is both highly efficient and highly effective.  Getting a great price for telecom services that do not meet your needs is not good enough.  The experts at TELCEL can help you secure outstanding telecom service with the best market pricing available.  This RFP process is called “tel-bid“.  As a starting point, the Tel-Bid process orchestrates and utilizes the following components:

  • The ability to generate a detailed and technically-accurate RFP that will precisely reflect your telecom needs.  TELCEL has the experience to work with small organizations with simple needs, as well as enterprise level organizations with thousands of users and detailed technical telecom requirements.
  • A proprietary network and web-based bid process that analyzes rate plans with a cross matrix for quality assessment to ensure that your specific requirements will be met when the negotiations are over.
  • A database of market data that reveals the best line-item pricing for an array of respective telecom services.
  • A decision matrix tool for evaluating proposals with great proficiency.
  • An experienced contract review and negotiations team to help you secure the best available telecom services at world-class prices.

Many organization have the IT department or procurement department take the lead on sourcing the company’s telecom services.  However, telecom service providers are notoriously one-sided in their contracts with a tendency to include  punitive terms and conditions.  In addition, they typically will add complex regulatory references in the contracts to make them difficult to understand.  Normally, companies renew telecom contracts once every (1) to (3) years and they will get a couple of comparative bids to consider before making a decision.  Such a process will surely leave money on the table and will often make sacrifices with regard to the quality of telecom services received.  Unless a company negotiates these agreements regularly, the carrier negotiation team will have a tremendously leveraged advantage.  Utilizing the tel-bid process adds specialized expertise and resources as well as access to vast amounts of market-data to your telecom team.

The telecom industry is advancing rapidly – making strategic sourcing even more critical to telecom life-cycle management.  Staying up on current technology and the latest trends in the telecom industry is our business and understanding your needs is our passion.  Put TELCEL SOLUTIONS to work for you today to secure telecom services that will meet your growing needs at a lower price than you would expect.